Canarys RollUp is a Web Service which provides summed values of select fields for all child work items of a parent. Most project managers are interested in getting rollup of estimated or completed work, effort etc. Hence RollUp will automate the process of summing up the Effort fields, viz., Original Estimate, Remaining Work and Completed Work from child work item Tasks and show it at Requirement level, in the same fashion show summation of effort fields of all child Requirements(PBI/User Story) at Feature level and continues for Epic level.

Once you register your Azure DevOps Team Project with Canarys RollUp service, following items will be created:

  • Creates 2 Service Hooks viz., Work Item Create and Update.
  • Creates a Query listing the hierarchical work items with effort fields.
  • A Dashboard showing the query on your Azure DevOps Team Project home page with RollUp values.
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